Claudia Valsells Artwork

Based on her reflections as an artist and her experience in trend prediction and mural painting in interior design and architecture, she brings to all her work a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive approach, with colour as a primary tool. Her intuition and creativity are fed by thought and analysis. In her most recent work, she strips colour of all artifice and fixes it on the canvas in organic forms. Aware of the emotional impact of colour and its infinite wealth of nuances, she develops and defines colour ranges and colour harmonies, abstracting colour from matter and any other artifice and seeking in the white of the canvas her only ally. In my works the colours get their meaning in the context of other colours.

Como artista i colorista, el color es mi elemento cotidiano de trabajo.  Trabajo colores, tonos y texturas para crear en mis obras, espacios, composiciones y formas. Si tuviera que definir mis obras diría que mi intención es trasladar ideas a color y viceversa. Mi proceso creativo tiene un denominador común: el color. En mis obras cada color en si mismo sólo adquiere su significado en el contexto de los otros colores. 


Claudia Valsells.

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