Clàudia Valsells (1969) was born and lives in Barcelona. She is an artist who specializes in color. A multidisciplinary creator, she discovered painting through mural painting. Based on her reflections as an artist and her experience in trend prediction and mural painting in interior design and architecture, she brings to all her work a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive approach, with color as a primary tool.  Aware of the emotional impact of color and its infinite wealth of nuances, she develops and defines color ranges and color harmonies, abstracting color from matter and any other artifice and seeking in the white of the canvas her only ally. A self-taught painter, in 1992 she went to study mural painting at the Institut Supérieur de Peinture Van Der Kelen et Logelain in Brussels, Belgium. On her return from Brussels, she worked on commissions and for architects, on projects of different scales. Soon she founded her own company, under the name of arts&claus, specializing in painting and color applied to architecture and interior design. For 20 years she worked on projects in Spain and abroad. Her role was to convey the value of color and its texture in the decoration of interior spaces working closely with professionals in the fields of art, design, and architecture. She also produced and edited two color cards of her own, with more than 200 references, which have been used as color communication tools by Spain’s best architects.

Her work is currently represented, in Spain and abroad, by the Barcelona gallery owner Miquel Alzueta. ALZUETA GALLERY    

Some of her works are included in the Fundació Vila Casas Art Collection.

-2020 february, Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona, Aoo&Claudia Valsells ‘Silla8’ show

-2019 november, Solo exhibition, Almost Perfect, Tokyo, Japan

-2019 october, Art Élysées-Art & Design, París.

-2019 April, Art Paris Grand Palais, París.

-2019 April, Almoneda, Ifema feria de Madrid, Palau de Casavells, Madrid.

-2019 march, AFF Art Fair Brussels

-2019 march, Art Madrid, Madrid

-2018 november, T10 at Alzueta Gallery, Barcelona

-2018 november, Palau de Casavells, solo exhibition, Girona, Spain

-2018 Art fair Hamburg

-2018 Art Elysees París

-2018 Art fair Stockholm

-2018 Contemporary Art Fair Just LX, Portugal

-2018 Almoneda Antik Passion, Madrid

-2018 Art Fair Grand Palais, París

-2018 Eurantica art fair, Brussels

-2018 Art Madrid, Madrid

-2017/07 Uterqüe Art Essays AW2017

-2017/03 Art París, International Art Fair, París

-2017/02 Alzueta Gallery  «Color y forma» solo exhibition, Barcelona

-2017/02 Art Madrid, Madrid

-2016/12 Galeria Axel Pairon  exposición colectiva.

-2016/11 Antica Namur, Belgium

-2016/10 Art Élysées, International Art Fair, París

-2016/06 Scope Basel, Basel art fair

-Alguna de sus obras pictóricas forma parte de la colección de la Fundación Vila Casas de Arte Contemporáneo Catalán.

-2007 Palau de Casavells, Baix Empordà, exposición individual, mayo 2007

-2005 Galeria Miquel Alzueta, Barcelona, exposición individual, marzo de 2005 – «Expresions de Mur», muestra de obra pictórica inspirada en el movimiento Informalista abstracto catalán.

-2000/04 Sala Vinçon, Barcelona, exposición individual,abril de 2000 «El color no existe, existe la luz», exposición individual donde la interactuación del público con la instalación era esencial. Demostraba a través de la experimentación personal que el color sólo existe sí hay luz.


© yosigo_yosigo ( top one)

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© Martina Domenech ( last one)

claudia valsells studio
claudia valsells in her studio of Barcelona
Claudia Valsells en su estudio

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